Race Three: Sunday 28 October 2018

Martinborough - Tora - Martinborough

Race 3 - Sunday 28 October 2018
Martinborough – Tora - Martinborough
Distance: 80.0km

Start Times: Finish Times (approximate)
Masters Grade One: Start 10.00am Finish: 12.10pm
Masters Grade Two: Start 10.15am Finish: 12.25pm
Masters Grade Three: Start 10.30am Finish: 12.45pm
Start/Finish Dublin St – Martinborough

Please Note:
- Road towards Tora have at least 15 One Way bridges. Riders must take care when approaching
these bridges as other riders/team cars may come the other way.
- All service cars will turn before the U turn at the intersection of Tora and White Rock Rd, this is approximate 3km before the turn.
- Race convoy – Only two service cars will be allowed to follow each grade in the master’s races,
- Note start times.

Riders start from Martinborough heading south towards Lake Ferry.
At 1.3km riders turn Left onto White Rock Road.
Continue towards Tora.
At 35km All grades U turn and return to the finish.
At 70km all grades go pass the finish line – Masters to complete one lap of the 7.8km including two km of gravel road.

0.0km Race start from Dublin St and travel neutralised heading south via Jellicoe.
1.3 km Left Turn onto White Rock Rd
21.0 km Continue on White Rock Rd.
31.2 km Left Turn onto Tora Rd
32.2 km Head southeast on Tora Rd
33.0 km South Head south on Tora Rd
35 km Tora Rd – Before the Gravel Road - U TURN all grades.
35.6 km Head north on Tora Rd
38.7 km Right Turn right onto White Rock Rd
67.1km Right Turn onto Shooting Butts Rd – Start gravel road section.
69.1km Left to continue on Shooting Butts Rd – End of gravel road.
70.0km Go onto Dublin St – Go pass Finish Line, complete one more lap
71.3km Left Turn onto Jellicoe St.
80.0 km Masters race finish

Profile Masters grades

Route map all grades

Circuit map