Race One - Sunday 9 September 2018

Information Race One:

Featherson - Lake Wairarapa - Martinborought - Featherson

Distance all grades: 80km

Welcome to the first race of the 2018 Trust House North Island Series.

On behalf of sponsors and all race officials, we would like to welcome everyone once again and wish you all the best for the five race series.

Please Note:

  • All riders must sign on before the race
  • KEEP your race number – This number is assigned to you for all five races
  • Do not park near the start/finish line.
  • Roads are not closed – Take care at all times and stay on the Left.

Timetable for all races

  • 8.30am Registration, team managers to collect race packs, team radios.
  • 9.00am Team managers meeting with Race Director and Chief Com.
  • 9.55am All riders must be at the start line, team cars line up ready to go.
  • 1.30pm Prize Giving (approximate time only)

Sunday 9 September 2018
Race One: Featherston – Martinborought – Featherson
Registration/presentation at Featherston School

Start Times: Finish Times (approximate)
10:00 am Masters One 12.15pm
10.10 am Masters Two 12.30pm
10.20am Masters Three 12.50pm

Start: Western Lake Rd
Finish: Featherson – Revans St (by Featherson School)


Riders start from Featherson - Western Lake Rd heading south towards Martinborought via Access Rd, and Lake Ferry Rd.

From Martinborought riders travel towards the finish in Featherson via SH53

Circuit Map

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