Race One - Sunday 22 September 2019

Information Race One:

Featherson - Lake Wairarapa - Martinborought - Featherson

Distance all grades: 80km

Sunday 22 September 2019

Race One: Featherston – Martinborought – Featherson
Registration/presentation at Featherston School

Start Times: Finish Times (approximate)
10:00 am Masters One 12.15pm
10.10 am Masters Two 12.30pm
10.20am Masters Three 12.50pm

Start: Western Lake Rd
Finish: Featherson – Revans St (by Featherson School)


Riders start from Featherson - Western Lake Rd heading south towards Martinborought via Access Rd, and Lake Ferry Rd.

From Martinborought riders travel towards the finish in Featherson via SH53

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