1.0 Introduction
1.1 A five round teams-based series for a minimum of "Ride Club " licence holders; with separate races for:

• (Cat 1.) Elite men, Under 23 Men and Under 19 Men - A minimum of "Cycling New
Zealand Race” licence is required.
• Cat 2, Cat 3, Cat 4 are open to male and female riders 17 and over.

A maximum of ten teams per grade.

Please Note: For Insurance benefits, we encourage all master's riders to have a minimum 2020 club membership. As part of paid club membership, riders receive public liability insurance, this could be obtained from any cycling club in New Zealand

1.2 Grades numbers may be limited to 80 per grade per round, Traffic Management Plans pending.
1.3 The Overall ‘Series’ and Team classification winners will be those riders and teams who accumulate the most points over the course of the competition;
1.4 In the event of two or more riders/teams equal on points, the leader or winner of the respective competition shall be the rider/team with the highest placed finish in the latest round;
1.5 The organiser reserves the right to cancel a race should a minimum of 30 riders not be registered at the entry cut-off or due to extreme weather conditions.
1.6 The event organiser reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry.
1.7 By entering this event, riders agree not to do anything that will bring the Trust House North Island Series name into disrepute, make any comments via social media or other that may damage or diminish the goodwill or reputation of the event, other participants or organisers.

2.0 Leader Jerseys

2.1 Leading jerseys will be worn by leaders in all four categories:

2.2 Leaders Jerseys provided by the Race Organisers, shall be worn at all times during competition, at publicity sessions and presentations. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and/or suspension/fine. Failure to wear Team kit or Leaders Jersey at all presentations will not be tolerated. Riders not wearing Team kit or Leaders Jerseys for stage presentations will not be allowed on to the presentation area and will forfeit prize money for that stage.
Only team uniforms as per team entered in the series will be allowed, riders wearing a different jersey or bib from other team members will not be allowed to start the race.

3.0 Teams entry details

3.1 For category one and two, a team may enter a minimum of 5, and a maximum of 10 riders per round to be eligible for the 'Sponsors' team prize, subject to Clause 3.2 - Categories three and four a team may enter a minumun of 4 and a maximun of 8 riders per round.
3.2 A team entered in the team classification may use no more than 12 riders over the course of the series. A rider shall compete for one team only throughout the entire series;
3.3 Any team rider not selected as part of their team for a particular round, will not be eligible to compete in that round, nor ride for another team;

3.4 A team is required to provide its own service vehicle at some of the rounds
3.5 A team must have a minimum of 3 riders finish the race to be eligible for team points.
3.6 The service vehicle driver must attend a pre-race briefing, adhere to the service vehicle guidelines, and ideally hold a current BikeNZ technical licence as a minimum. Failure to do so will result in the team not being able to race.
3.7 Each team service vehicle must contain a minimum of two persons. Failure to do so will result in the team not being able to race.
3.8 Points will be awarded to individuals at each round as follows:
- To the first 15 place-getters each round ie 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7 etc;
- 12, 10, 8, points for the first 3 placed teams; (these points are allocated based on the third rider finishing from your team).
3.9 The ‘Series’ team classification winner will be the team accumulating the most points over the course of the series.

4.0 Categories

6.1 For Senior and Under 23 Men nominations as to the category for riders must be made to the Series Coordinator with the details of a current NZ/UCI licence. The Series Coordinator may confer with any BikeNZ centre or club to confirm the category of any rider. That decision will be final.

5.0 Attire
5.1 All team members shall wear their distinctive team apparel while racing and during the prize presentations (unless they are wearing a Leader Jersey). Failure to do so may result in the loss of points in either or both the individual and team classifications;
5.2 Failure to wear correct attire will result in the rider being refused a start, unless by prior arrangement with the Series Coordinator.

6.0 Entry Fees
6.1 Team Registrations and Entries shall be made online via the Series website.
6.2 Team Entry fee is of $600 per team for the five race series, team entries will closed on 31st August 2020.   Race day entry per rider is set at $60.00 per rider per round.
6.3 Registration is set at $150.00 per team per round for entries made after 31 August 2020.  Late entries or entries for only one or two round of the series, will be accepted only if there are less than ten teams taking part in a particular race.
6.4 Team Managers must enter their team and individual riders before Tuesday 8pm prior to the weekend's event. The name of the Team Manager and assistant in the car is to be included with the details required in and on the online form provided;
6.5 Late entries for each round - there will be no late entries.
Please respect this in order for a correct start list to be prepared and released prior to race day;
6.6 All entry fees are non-refundable or transferable to another round.
6.7 All entry fees must be paid at the time of entering.
6.8 Lost timing transponders will be invoiced at $50 and race numbers will be invoiced at $10 both to the team manager. Transponder holders are available at $2 each.
6.9 Any penalties or fines incurred will be invoiced following each round and must be paid in full prior to the start of the next round. Fines and penalties may be deducted from pending prize monies.
6.10 Any outstanding fees will result in no further entries being accepted from that team.

7.0 Prize-giving
7.1 Any rider presenting for prize-giving will wear their respective racing apparel. Failure to do so will result in the loss of points in the overall individual classification, team classification, or both, and/or Women’s classification if applicable;
7.2 Failure to attend prize-giving may result in forfeiture of prize money and/or loss of points.
7.3 Prize money will be paid directly into the nominated bank account of the team, as supplied by the Team Manager on the registration form;
7.4 Prize money will be calculated round by round; teams will be advised post race;

8.0 Support
All races will have neutral service.  All grades will be required, on a rotation basic to supply a service vehicle for each round.
- All categories need to supply 3 vehicles per round.
- Vehicles will only service riders from the left side of the vehicle and the left side of the
*Important Note: Team support for this event is very important, the team allocated
service must supply 3 sets of wheels, which are ready and in suitable condition for people
to ride. Failure to meet your requirements will mean your Team will not be able to start
the race. All Service and Lead cars must have collected all allocated equipment by 9:15am
on race days.

9.0 General
9.1 Competition will be conducted under BikeNZ road racing rules;
9.2 Every assistance will be given to ensure the smooth passage of the race; however riders must remember that we are competing on public roads, and in the interest of safety, you must obey any instructions given by Race Officials. Riders entering the event must have sufficient competence and
experience in cycle races to be able to participate safely.

Riders are reminded that is unlawful and an offence against pubic decency to urinate on public roads.
9.3 The rider will follow the course set out and abide by the road rules at all times;
9.4 The rider will wear their designated race number without modification;
9.5 The rider, team management, or supporters will follow the rules and instructions given to him/her by race officials. Failure to do so may lead to him/her being eliminated from the event, or may result in the loss of points in the individual and or team classification.
9.6 All races will be run without regard for the weather, with the exception of extreme weather conditions. The panel of Commissaires will have the discretion, after consulting with the Race Management, to modify a stage should conditions require, at the discretion of the chief Commissaire and Race Director.
9.7 The rider consents to receive any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary in the event of injury, accident or illness during the event.
9.8 The rider authorises the use of his/her name, voice and picture and any information provided by him/her on the entry form to be used without payment in any broadcast, telecast, promotion or advertising, and he/she also agrees that the information he/she has provided may be used by the organiser for the purpose of promoting future or other events, for the promotion of race sponsors products and services.
9.9 The Race Organisers, BikeNZ, Race Officials, Race Sponsors (major and subsidiary) shall not be liable for any damage, injury, illness, loss of property or accident caused to (or by) any person or object. Competitors and officials by starting and attending the Cycling Series, do so at their own risk (as per BikeNZ rules) and imply their acceptance of this condition and absolve the race organisation of liability.

9.10 Should the rider not use the correct transponder or ride without the designated transponder then they may not be allocated a time or result for that race.

9.11 By entering this event, riders agree not to do anything that will bring the Trust House North Island Series name into disrepute, make any comments via social media or other that may damage or diminish the goodwill or reputation of the event, other participants or organisers.

9.12 Event Cancellation - In the rare event that the event is cancelled beyond the organisers control no refunds will be issued.

Additional Event Rules.
1 - Rubbish - Littering Riders must not discard bidoons or rubbish of any kind on the roadside. Teams must take responsibility for their own litter and return it to their team vehicles.
2 - Dangerous riding - Riders using the wrong side of the road will be disqualified from the race.
3 - Motor pacing will not be permitted under any circumstances.
4 - Riders Registration on Event Day - All riders MUST sign on before each race.
Any further inquiries regarding the series can be made to:
Race Organiser
Jorge Sandoval