Race Five: Sunday 17 November 2019

Looking for a new circuit to replace this stage - will advice ASAP

Masterton – Alfredton – Masterton

Alfredton circuit
Masters; 85km

Signing on / presentations at The Farriers Bar & Eatery - 4 Queen St Masterton North (North end of Masterton).

Start / Finish Times (approximate)
Masters Grade One: Start 10.00am Finish: 12.15pm
Masters Grade Two: Start 10.45am- Finish: 12.55pm
Masters Grade Three: Start 11.00am - Finish: 1.15pm
Start: Masterton - Henley Lake
Finish: Black Rock Rd - Masterton.

Route Masters
1.1 km Left Turn onto Te Ore Ore Bideford Rd
8.05 km Turn left onto Whangaehu Valley Rd
27.4 km Head northeast on Whangaehu Valley Rd toward Route 52
43.5 km U turn at intersection of Route 52 and Alfredton Road
57.3 km Continue onto Whangaehu Valley Rd
58.9 km Go pass Dreyers Rock Rd
60.0 km Continue on Whangaehu Valley towards Masterton
77.5 km Turn Right onto Te Ore Ore Bideford Rd.
82.4 km Turn Right onto Black Rock Rd
86.2 km Finish


Route profile