Race Two: Sunday 3 October 2021

Alfredton – Pongaroa - Pahiatua - Alfredton (New circuit)

Distances: Category One - 118km            Category Two: 118km  

Category Three and Four: 70km

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Registration/presentation at Alfredton School
Start: Alfredton School
Finish: Route 52 -Alfredton

Start Times:                         Finish Times (approximate)
10.00 am Category One                    13.15pm
10.15 am Category Two                    13.55pm
10.30 am Category Three                 12.45pm
10.40am Category Four                    12.55pm

Route Category One and Two - Start Alfredton

0.0km Start from Alfredton Route 52 (Near School)
41.1km Turn sharp left onto Pahiatua Pongaroa Road
66.6km Turn left to stay on Pahiatua-Pongaroa Rd
66.0 km Turn left onto Mangaramarama Rd
90.0 km Turn left onto Kaitawa Rd
92.6 km Continue onto Mangaone Valley Rd
96.7 km Turn left onto Pa Valley Rd (signs for Alfredton)
116 km Go onto Route 52
118 km Finish.

Route category Three and Four

0.0km Start from Alfredton Route 52 (Near School)
0.07 km Turn right to stay on Rte 52
35 km At intersection of Rimu Rd and Route 52 - U Turn head back to Alfredton
70 km Finish

Profile Category One and Two

Profile category Three and Four

Route Map Category One and Two (New route)

Map category Three and Four