Registrations for the 2019 North Island Trust House Cycling Series.

Entries are now open for the 2019 Series 

Please note - a maximum of ten teams per grade will be accepted

To enter a team - HERE

Individual entries - HERE

Individual entries will close one week before each race.

Please note: Proving we have more than 25 individual women entering each race, we will create a women's grade. They will race as individuals.

The same goes for elite and U23 riders wanting to take part in the series - If we have more than 25 riders per race we will create a men's elite grade. 

Team registration for the five race series is set at $600.00 per team if enter before 12 August 2019. 

For entries made after 12 August 2019, registration is set at $150 per team per round.

All Teams Entry closed on 12 August 2019.

Entries will be as first in-first service basis with a limit of not more than 10 teams per grade in each race.

Riders Entry: To enter each race, riders can be entered by their team manager or riders themselves.  Riders need to enter at least one week before each race.  Entry fee per rider per race is of $60.

Riders entry HERE